Interactive Training Modules

 We have created a number of online training modules to assist providers and chambers to get to grips with CCMS.


The session will cover topics such as: 

  • Providers – application process, means and merits interviews and making claims
  • Chambers – introduction and overview of the system

Chat is available for CCMS training support. The chat operative will not be able to respond to case specific queries, guidance queries or complaints. Please use the existing contact channels for this type of support.

How do the interactive models work?

Once in the module, you can work at your own pace. They can be downloaded as a PDF file and accessed at any time.

You will be able to:

  • see the pages/screens that you will need to use
  • familiarise yourself with the system’s layout
  • follow instructions on each page that walk you through processes


Training Module
Module Description
Amending Cases and Clients
In this module you will learn how to update your client's personal information such as address or telephone number. You will also learn how to request cost increases, prior authorities and other types of merits amendments.
Assigning Counsel
In this module we will demonstrate how to search and assign single and multiple counsel to a case. You will also learn how to allocate a cost limit to counsel and how to adjust that cost limit as your case progresses.
Counsel Overview
This module is designed specifically for counsel and chambers only. This will demonstrate how to navigate CCMS and also the billing process for counsel.
Document Uploads
This module will ensure you know when and how to upload documents to our system after sending an application or bill. The module will also cover some of the less commonly used methods of sending documents, such a via the postal route.
Emergency Applications
This class will explain the different types of Emergency Applications and give you the information you need to make those applications. You will also learn about scope limitations in CCMS and how to choose the correct scope limitation for the application you are making.
HCC Non-Family Cases
The High Cost Cases module is deigned for providers wishing to create and submit HCC Non-Family cases. The module also demonstrates how to submit your case plan and respond to any requests.
High Cost Cases & Care Case Fee Scheme
This module will take you through the end to end process of dealing with a high cost case which falls under the Care Case Fee Scheme. It includes registering the case, uploading the contract and case plan, submitting outcomes and billing.
Housing Applications
In this Online Training Module you will learn how to create and submit a housing application. You will be shown which specific sections of the application have an impact on a housing case and the types of questions you may be asked during the merits assessment. Adding proceedings and scope limitations for housing applications are also covered in this session. 
Immigration Applications
This module will demonstrate how to create an immigration application, choosing the proceedings that are required. It will also show how to complete the Merits assessment regarding specific immigration questions.
Introduction to CCMS
This module will cover the basics of CCMS, how to navigate the system to starting an application. It will also show how to view and manage your actions and notifications.
Linking Cases
This module will show how to link cases where you represent a number of clients in the same proceedings. It covers how to link the application at the start of the application process and also after a certificate has been issued.
Managing Actions and Notifications
This module will explain the difference between actions and notifications. It will then show how to open, review and acknowledge the action and notifications. The module will also show you how to search for previous notifications that may have been read.
Means and Merits Assessments
This module shows how to complete the Means and Merits assessments generated by CCMS. The assessments are not the same for every case so we have shown the different types of assessments you may process. This includes passported means assessments, capital and full income and deduction assessments.
Provider Billing
This module covers how to submit Payments on Accounts, Interim Bills and Final Bills. This includes Court Assessed Bills, LAA Assessed Bills, bills that escape the fixed fee and also Nil Bills.
Recording Outcome and Discharging Cases
This module explores the way that funding certificate are closed when proceedings come to an end. Outcomes within CCMS were introduced to replace the use of App 11 forms and these haven an impact on your bill. It also covers brining the certificate to a close when you a discharge your funding.
Special Children Act Applications
This module demonstrates how to create Special Children Act application. You will also be shown how to confirm whether you have delegated functions on the case.
VHCC Family Cases
The Very High Cost Cases module is deigned for providers wishing to create and submit VHCC Family cases. The module also demonstrates how to submit your case plan and respond to any requests.