Tip of the week

An upgraded version of CCMS is available to all users of CCMS.

Using the Upgrade you can access the new merits interview, means assessment and document upload functionality.

Accessing CCMS (Upgrade)

1.      We have created a new ‘CCMS External User’ role. This can be set up by your firm administrator. 

2.      As the CCMS System Administrator, you can now access the new role and assign it to others who want to use the upgraded version of CCMS 

3.      Once your administrator has confirmed that you have been given this new role it can take up to 1 hour for the CCMS (Upgraded) link to appear on your LAA Online Portal homepage

4.      Once assigned as a CCMS External User, just click the CCMS (Upgraded) link on the LAA Online portal homepage to get access. You can then access the upgraded merits interview, means assessment and document upload features.

Quick Guides for assistance –

User Set Up -

Granting Existing CCMS Users Access to CCMS (Upgraded)

Browser information

Internet Explorer browsers older than version 9 may not be compatible with the upgraded version of CCMS.  If you experience an issue with accessing the upgrades, you can resolve this by updating your browser. If your browser is older than this you should automatically be redirected to upgrade your browser.

You are for the time being still able to use the original version – click on CCMS (Original) on the LAA Online portal homepage. 

You can refer to the Browser Information section of the website for further details.