System Availability

We are still experiencing issues with the Client and Cost Management System (CCMS) and we apologise for the on-going disruption. We are investigating but it seems unlikely these issues will be resolved imminently and you should not be using CCMS until we update you. Meanwhile, we are taking a flexible approach to urgent or emergency work.

Contingency process for civil applications

What does this mean?

If you need to progress urgent or emergency work then delegated functions should be used as usual. There won’t be a penalty for late submission of the application if submitted after 5 working days. When using delegated functions, you should ensure the promissory declaration is completed.


The Legal Aid Agency (under section 35 of Procedure Regulations) has the power to backdate applications and amendments. Providers will need to advise in the merits report when submitting the application and explain why backdating is needed

Paper applications

Where delegated functions are not available we will consider allowing paper applications using our ‘contingency process’ on urgent matters. Urgency will be defined as those needing to materially progress their case in the next 48 hours. To do this, providers should contact our customer services team on 0300 200 2020 between 9am and 5pm. Decisions will be made on a case-by-case basis.

Guidance on delegated functions including promissory declarations is available here:

CCMS quick guides


Contingency process for civil claims

We are committed to working with you to ensure payments can still be made each week.

What do I need to?

Providers and counsel should fill in the Contingency Spreadsheet based on your expected weekly payments under CCMS and submit to LAA.

Completed sheets should be submitted to LAA by midday on Monday 6 July 2020 to make the payment run on the following Wednesday.

Users should submit their completed requests to

What will LAA do?

We will verify the payments and then issue them as a credit payment.  When CCMS is up and running again, you will be able to submit the proper claims. These will offset against the credit figure.

We will allow you three times the length of the CCMS outage, once it is up and running, to submit your claims.

How long will the contingency process run?

We will run this process as a weekly exercise until CCMS is operational again.



How long will these issues continue?

We are working urgently to resolve the problems and updates will be provided via the LAA online portal and our customer services twitter feed.