User Set up-

In CCMS each firm has an initial firm administrator, registered by the Legal Aid Agency (LAA).
Firm administrators are able to set up other users, including additional firm administrators. When setting up new users, the firm administrator is responsible for applying different roles for different users although individuals can be given multiple roles.
The roles determine the level of access a user has in CCMS. There are several roles in CCMS including: supervisor, case manager, office manager, bill preparation, and cross office access. The roles matrix provides in-depth information on the roles within CCMS.

Claim Upload-

The claim upload function allows CCMS users to submit multiple claims directly from their case management system to CCMS.
This function could save you time and improve your cash-flow by:

  • Reducing the need to enter duplicate claim information and
  • Allowing users to submit multiple claims on one file, including for different offices and advocates.

Getting Started
Get in touch with your software vendor to ask them to upgrade your system to use claim upload. When you have been upgraded, download the guidance.
Who can use claim upload?
Claim upload is part of the billing roles within CCMS. As long as your case management system has been upgraded to produce claim upload files, you will be able to use this feature.

Two Parts:
Claim upload is split into two parts:

  • Pricing Only
  • Claim Upload

The pricing only option validates the claim information, making sure the claim contains the correct basic information. This is automated and ensures that the claim isn't waiting in a queue for manual assessment. When the claim is uploaded, it is sent for assessment and authorisation by a billing caseworker 

Advocates / Chambers

Duplicate Hearings - 

CCMS prevents a Family Advocacy Scheme (FAS) claim being submitted if any duplicate hearing activities are detected.
When a new FAS claim is being created or submitted, CCMS will check all previous FAS claims on the case from all advocates. If the hearing date has already been claimed, it will flag this as an error to the user. It will do this for each affected line.
The error message will state; “The claim line is a duplicate activity. The hearing work has already been claimed for the same date on a previous FAS claim on this case. You may wish to speak to the instructing solicitor if you have any queries”
If you are claiming duplicate hearing activities in error, please remove the offending line (or lines) from the claim. If you have entered an incorrect date on the offending line (or lines), please change the activity date(s).