Top Tips when Using CCMS

The Client and Cost Management System (CCMS) has been mandatory for 7 months. With all new work now being received through CCMS our casework teams have identified some Top Tips that will help you get the best during your CCMS experience:

  1. When submitting work to the Legal Aid Agency (LAA), ensure that you have pressed the Submit button when creating your Applications, Amendments, Bills or enquiries. If you don’t press Submit the LAA won’t receive your submission.
  2. If you have a query regarding a CCMS case and have a CCMS case reference number, please use the correct channel to submit it. Please view our Case Enquiry guidance.
  3. Remember if your application was submitted on paper forms before CCMS was introduced you won’t be able to access information for that case on CCMS. Cases with reference numbers similar to XKDMFKSI3D56/A/D/3 won’t be available on CCMS. In these circumstances please contact us by our email address or send your query to us in writing.
  4. Check the website for our civil processing date information before contacting us regarding to progress of your submissions. If the item of work you wish to query is within our oldest date ranges please do not contact the LAA unless the work has become urgent. Contacting the LAA regarding work that is within our targets or isn’t urgent takes valuable resource away from our civil casework processing teams, reducing the amount of casework we can process.
  5. If your case is on CCMS please check Your Actions and Notifications before contacting us. We may have responded to your query already. Notifications are sent to the registered case contact. Keep your contact information updated by amending provider details in the available actions section of any submitted application. Unlike Applications, Amendments and other contact from the LAA, Documents Required actions for Billing submissions are sent to the person that submits the Bill. For more information please view our Checking Case Progress guidance.
  6. Always refer to the Exceptional Case Funding: Fact Sheet before submitting an Application, Amendment or query regarding an Exceptional Case.
  7. Only contact the Customer Services Team if your query is urgent and you need your work processed immediately.
  8. Remember CCMS is not a case management system and should be run in conjunction with your own case management system.

If you are uncertain as to how to use any aspect of the system, the CCMS Training Website contains quick guides, interactive modules and many other training resources to help you use CCMS. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, use the new webchat option built into many pages of the CCMS Training Website. The CCMS Team also offer Online Training delivered by a CCMS Trainer.