Top Tips Round-up

  • A number of providers are contacting us to say they have not printed off the application (therefore not signed) or they have had something other than the declaration signed. Please ensure that the CCMS declaration is signed and retained on file.
  • When you assign costs to advocates, don’t forget to submit your amendment.
  • When amending the scope or cost limit of a legal aid certificate, don’t click into the means assessment link if it says ‘Assessment Not Performed’. We only require new means information when the link states ‘reassessment required’. If you click into the link when it says ‘Assessment Not Performed’ you will have to conduct a means re-assessment which is not required.
  • If you enter the client’s address manually, i.e. without using the address look-up function, please remember to include the house number in the first line of the address.  If you don’t, this won’t be included in the address used on correspondence sent to the client.