New training materials published (30th November)

Quick Guides

Appeal Bills (Updated)

Description: How to create and submit an appeal bill where you wish to dispute an assessment.

Copy Case (Updated)

Description: How to copy information from an existing case into a new application and how to link cases together. 

Search Case (Updated)

Description: How to search for cases and applications and how to access the case or application.

Advocate Remittance Advice (New)

Description: How to access the remittance advice notification through CCMS.

Child Abduction (New)

Description: How to create and submit a Child Abduction application in CCMS.

High Cost Cases:Submitting a Case Plan and Billing (New)

Description: If the costs of your case are to exceed £25,000 you must negotiate a high cost contract with the LAA. This guide will explain how to convert a new or existing certificate in to a high cost case. The guide will also explain some of the screens you will see when you submit your bill.

Payment On Account Recoupment Request (New)

Description: This quick guide will take you through the process of requesting recoupment of a payment on account before the case has concluded.

Update and Submit Application (New)

Description: How to leave a part completed application and re-access it at a later date. How to check and then submit an application.

Emergencies and Delegated Functions (New)

Description: How to begin creating an Emergency application in CCMS.

Means Passporting Applications (New)

Description: This guide will show you how to begin a Means Assessment when a client is receiving a passporting benefit.