New training materials published (14th March)

Interactive Training Modules

Linking Cases (new)

In this Interactive Module you will learn how to link cases together and copy case information from one application into another. This scenario covers linking cases in a Special Children Act matter but the process remains the same regardless of the matter type or proceedings applied for.

Quick Guides -

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Linking Family Cases (new)

This quick guide will explain how to link family - lead and associated cases together. 

How to submit a general enquiry (updated)

How to submit a non-case specific request via CCMS.

Search client and create applicant (new client) (updated)

How to search to see if a client is registered on CCMS and if they’re not how to register them. 

Exceptional Case Funding application (updated)

This guide will show you how to set up an Exceptional Case Funding application. 

Exceptional Case Funding Merits application (updated)

How to carry out a merits assessment on an exceptional case funding application. 

Amending an Emergency to a Substantive (updated)

How to complete the substantive amendment as part of the dual step emergency application process.