New Training Materials Published 10/08/2015

Quick Guides


Submit an LAA assessed bill (New)

Description:  How to create and submit a claim to be assessed by the LAA.

Billing- Document Request (New)

Description: How to review and understand the new format of a billing Evidence/Document request.

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Master Classes on Demand

Immigration Applications in CCMS (New)

Description:In this master class we will look at how to start an Immigration application. You will be shown all screens up until the means and merits assessments. The master class has been designed to show you Immigration options and will provide some handy tips. In this demonstration the applications is for judicial review-asylum.


Quick Guides


Managing Notifications (Updated)

Description:How to access actions and notifications, how to search for them, and how to respond to them.


Submit a FGF Bill (New)

Description:How to create and submit an FGF Bill.