New training materials published ( 23rd November )

Over the last week the training team have created or updated the following training materials published on the CCMS Training Website.

Interactive Training Modules

Special Children Act (New)

Description: Setup a SCA application and register a client. You will also learn how to use the vulnerable client indicator and submit an application. 

Housing Applications (New)

Description: Create and submit a housing application, focussing on adding proceedings and scope limitations. Includes some housing questions asked during the Merits Assessment.

Emergency Applications (New)

Description: In CCMS there are a number of types of emergency application. This Interactive Module will explain the different types of emergency application and when to use them. The module will also cover the different types of scope limitations required for emergency applications and when to apply them. 

Means and Merits Assessment (New)

Description: Contains some of the more complex themes within these assessments. You will also look at a full means assessment. This covers the capital, income, and deductions.

Assigning Counsel (New)

Description: This Interactive Module will show you how to assign Counsel on a case, allocate costs to counsel and make amendments during the lifespan of a case.

Submitting Outcomes and Discharging a Certificate (New)

Description: How to record an outcome for each proceeding before a bill can be created and submitted for assessment.
During this Interactive Module you will learn how to access the area of CCMS where outcomes are recorded.You will record outcomes against individual proceedings and request the discharge of a funding certificate.

Managing Actions and Notifications (New)

Description: Learn how to to access, respond and search for Actions and Notifications.

Provider Billing (New)

Description: You will be shown the Billing section of CCMS. You will learn how to submit a Payment on Account, a Court Assessed Bill, an LAA Assessed Bill, line by line billing when escaping the fixed fee and submitting a Nil Bill.

Counsel Overview (New)

Description: An introduction and overview of CCMS for Counsel and Chambers users.You will be shown how to use the various access options, search for a case, submit a Payment on Account, send evidence and submit bills to the LAA.  .