Means Interview Upgrade & Client Declaration Against Instruction process

Means Interview Upgrade

An improved version of the Means Interview is now available in the Upgraded version of CCMS. The System Administrator at all offices can now give all users in their organisation access to the upgraded system.  Other users cannot access the link to the upgrade without the System Administrator first allocating the CCMS User External role to them.

The improved means interview allows:

  • for the overall number of screens in the means interview to be reduced, and enables users to track their progress through the means interview
  • allow users to navigate back and forward to a different section

The Original and Upgraded versions of the Means interview will appear on the Applications Summary screen.

The upgraded means interview can be used to create applications for all cases where an application requires a means assessment, but also for those where no means assessment is required i.e Special Children Act and Child Abduction cases.

Training materials to support both versions of the system are available in the Quick Guides section of the website.

Client Declaration Against Instruction

This new process will benefit providers when you are required to represent clients who are unable to attend your office for good reason. You will now be able to gather the information required to complete an application for submission online when you return to the office.

The new process allows for:-

  • You to complete the application offline
  • The declaration to be signed at the point instructions are taken
  • The information to be transposed exactly into CCMS, and the existing declaration can then be used
  • You to then submit the application without delay

This signed declaration on instruction is to replace the signature that would usually be obtained on the Application Summary screen on CCMS.

For example this facility can be used in circumstances where the Applicant/Client or their partner is housebound through disability, imprisoned or hospitalised.

By using this declarations process, the Provider must:-

  • Record a full justification on the case file for each case in which this declarations process has been used.
  • Take the appropriate paper means and merits forms, together with the Means and Merits Checklists, and obtain and record the relevant responses from the client in their Attendance Note.

Client protection

The completed CCMS application summary must be sent by the provider to the client (as soon as reasonably practicable), and the client is given 14 days (from the date of the letter) to challenge any of the details contained in the application, otherwise the Applicant/Client, and any partner, shall be deemed to have confirmed the truth of the application in accordance with the signed declaration against the instructions.

This ensures that the client retains the protection awarded by the current process.

Promissory Declaration

The Declaration Against Instructions facility differs from the Promissory Declaration in that, the Promissory Declaration is only used in circumstances where the application is being made where emergency delegated functions have been used.

Training materials are available in the Additional Resources section of the CCMS Training Website.