Hints & Tips for posting documents to the Legal Aid Agency

You can submit supporting documents and files through the post rather than uploading to CCMS.

Please be aware of the points below if you choose to utilise this service.

File Destruction

Client Documents

All documents submitted by a client are returned. They will be held for 24 hours after scanning in case there is an issue preventing them being transferred into CCMS to prevent the need for a re-request.

Provider Documents

Unless a return is specifically requested, all copies of paper to be uploaded will be held for 6 weeks and then destroyed.

To have documents returned, they should have a clear note attached to the front that they must be returned to sender. If this note is not visible or present, the papers will be destroyed in accordance with the above.

Only paper files will be scanned and uploaded to CCMS. Any documentation received on CD/DVD, flash drive or any other form of electronic storage will be returned to sender without being accessed.

For more information please see the Submitting Evidence by Post quick guide.