Getting emergency representation

You should not use the urgent flag in place of delegated functions.

1. When to use delegated functions

Please use delegated functions to grant an application for emergency representation if:

· you are authorised to do so under your Contract Schedule (details on the LAA Online Portal) and

· the case meets regulation 46 of the Civil Legal Aid (Merits Criteria) Regulations 2013

Importantly, don’t mark the application as urgent as you get immediate funding under delegated functions. This will help us process work effectively.

You can use delegated functions to amend your emergency certificate while it’s live. Again, there’s no need to mark the amendment as urgent.

2. When to use emergency non-delegated functions

Please use emergency non-delegated functions:

· where you can’t use delegated functions, e.g. Judicial Review cases not covered by para 5.3 of your Contract and

· if your client has complex means and  

· if you are unsure whether they will qualify for legal aid.

If under 5.3, you can use delegated functions for a Judicial Review case, please don’t use the urgent flag button.

3. When to use the urgent flag

The urgent flag should only be used if:

· you can’t use delegated functions and

· the work needs to be completed within 48 hours and

· if it’s an amendment, the work isn’t already covered by the certificate.

Otherwise, it won’t be expedited.


Regulation 46 of the Civil Legal Aid (Merits Criteria) Regulations 2013