Contingency Arrangements from 16th January

When will the contingency process apply?

The contingency process applies if you are unable to access CCMS due to a technical issue.

System outage

If there is a complete system outage a message will be placed on our phone lines and on the online portal.  In these instances you will be advised to consider delegated functions or wait for the system to be restored. In cases which are urgent, we may consider issuing a contingency cover sheet with a contingency reference.

Urgent applications and amendments

From 16 January applications or amendments requiring a decision using the contingency process will not be accepted without a contingency reference.

We have published a Quick Guide outlining the process you need to follow. If you follow the process correctly you will be given a contingency cover sheet with a contingency reference to submit with your application or amendment.

If you do not follow the process correctly your application or amendment will not be accepted. Any submissions without a reference and marked as ‘contingency’ will be refused.

In accepting an application or amendment for a contingency decision we are not reverting to the paper process.  Invoking the contingency process simply allows you to progress the case. Any subsequent and none urgent amendments will have to wait until the application has been added to CCMS. 

For more information please see the applications and amendments contingency guidance.


Any problems with submitting a claim for payment should be reported to the Online Support Team. The team will investigate the cause of the issue and tell you whether the contingency process applies. If the contingency process applies you will be provided with a contingency reference and given details of how to submit your claim. Any ‘contingency’ submissions received without a contingency reference will be rejected.

Supporting documents

The Contingency Guidance explains what documents need to be submitted and where they should be submitted to when you need to make a contingency submission.