Common Queries - Means Assessment

Common queries – Means assessment


Requesting a review following a means assessment

There is no right of appeal following a means assessment but you can use the means review option within the case enquiry menu to ask for the decision to be reviewed if you think that it has been made incorrectly. For more information please refer to the Case Enquiry Quick Guide.


Did you know?

·         If your application or amendment has been rejected due to discrepancies in the means assessment you will receive a notification explaining why it has been rejected. The status of the application or amendment will show as ‘requires rework’. You should make the required amendments before resubmitting. The means assessment option will show a status of ‘requires reassessment’. Please see the quick guide on the CCMS training website for further guidance.

·         When carrying out a financial assessment of an applicant in employment we usually require three wage slips if the applicant is paid monthly or six wage slips if the applicant is paid weekly. You can enter wage slip information into the means assessment within CCMS. The quick guide on the CCMS training website provides details of how CCMS uses this information to calculate your client’s income.


Looking at the DWP checker

You can use the DWP checker to confirm whether an applicant for legal aid is in receipt of passported benefits. You can check each benefit in turn using the forward and back buttons and varying the information entered.

If the DWP checker is unable to complete a check it could be that:

  • The applicant isn’t in receipt of benefits
  • The incorrect National Insurance number has been entered
  • The incorrect benefit has been selected
  • The applicant receives their benefit payment via Giro

If multiple checks are unsuccessful you must decide whether to

1)    Continue with a passported application providing written confirmation from the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) at a later date.

2)    Pause the application until the applicant is able to provide written confirmation from the DWP.

3)    Go back to the client details page, indicate that the applicant isn’t receiving a passported benefit and continue with a full means assessment.