Changes to streamline Family work

From the 19th April 2019 applications for a set number of proceedings, see below, will be granted with a cost limitation of £25,000. This change will reduce the need to submit a cost amendment in the future.

Public Law

Care Proceedings
Discharge Care
Supervision Proceedings
Vary/Discharge Supervision
Emergency Protection Order / Extend Emergency Protection Order
Contact Child in Care / Refuse Contact Child in Care
Secure Accommodation
Education Supervision Order
Section 37 Order (stand-alone)
Child Assessment Order
Placement Order (stand-alone)
Vary / Discharge Placement Order (stand-alone)

Parental Responsibility (including vary/discharge)
Prohibited Steps (including vary/discharge)
Specific Issue (including vary/discharge)
Declaration of Parentage
CAO Contact (including vary/discharge)
CAO Residence (including vary/discharge)
Special Guardianship (including vary/discharge)
Adoption (stand-alone)
Remove Children from Jurisdiction
Enforcement of any Section 8 Order
Disclosure of Child's Whereabouts under Section 33
Recovery of a Child under Section 34


Domestic Abuse

Non-Molestation (including vary/discharge)
Occupation (including vary/discharge)
Forced Marriage Protection Order
Female Genital Mutilation Protection Order

If you are submitting a Special Children Act application you will see the £25,000 cost limit applied on CCMS when submitting the application. For other types of family proceedings, the £25,000 cost limit will be shown on the case on CCMS and the certificate once granted by the Legal Aid Agency.

The evidence we currently ask to see upfront from providers for certificate amendments can be submitted when proceedings are concluded.

Further information can be found on the GOV.UK website.