When you are managing your case via CCMS, uploading and responding to a Documents Required Action is a very important part of ensuring the case is dealt with in a timely manner.


In order for the LAA to assess your application, amendment, bills and outcomes the LAA may request evidence through a Documents Required Action to allow the caseworker to assess your request. Once you have reviewed the request and uploaded the documents to CCMS you must return to the original notification and inform the LAA you have submitted all the evidence by marking the notification as ‘Documents Sent’. By doing this the system will recognise that you have provided all the requested information and place the documents with a caseworker to be processed. If the status is not changed to ‘Documents Sent’ CCMS will believe that you have further documents to provide and the action will remain pending.


We have a created a step by step Submitting Electronic Evidence quick guide which will demonstrate how to upload your evidence and update the status of the notification to ‘Documents Sent’.