CCMS queries - who to contact and when

We have updated the information on our Contacts page to clarify who you should contact in the following scenarios:

1. When you have a CCMS query

2. When you are unable to access CCMS due to a technical issue

3. When you have an urgent CCMS query

4. When you have feedback for the CCMS team

5. If you would like to make a complaint

6. If you are dissatisfied with the complaint response that you have received

7. If you need to post documents

We have also clarified when the contingency process will apply.

New email process in civil cases

We are changing the way we process emails in civil cases to improve our customer service.

The mailbox is only for queries on paper based civil certificated work.  

All CCMS queries should be submitted in CCMS as a case enquiry or a general enquiry. Links to the Quick Guides outlining how to do this are available below:

Case Enquiry Quick Guide

General Enquiry Quick Guide

CCMS queries sent to the contactcivil mailbox will not be processed unless they:

• are received from an applicant or MP

• are in relation to a complaint and this is clearly marked

• are marked as contingency (when agreed by the LAA).