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Please refer to these documents before contacting us. 


Contact Details
Supporting Information
I have a CCMS query
Casework Team
CCMS queries should be submitted in CCMS as a case enquiry or a general enquiry.
Making urgent submissions when CCMS is unavailable due to technical issues
Casework Team



If you are experiencing technical issues email          online-support@justice.gov.uk or call 0300 200 2020 Monday to Friday, 09:00 - 17:00 if the matter is urgent.

Contingency Process:


 Copies of application form
Contingency cover sheet
Details of the technical issue including screen shots where possible

I am unable to complete a task in CCMS due to a technical issue
Online Support Team

0300 200 2020 and online-support@justice.gov.uk


Monday to Friday, 9:00 - 17:00

Please note that the Online Support Team are not able to provide assistance with case specific process queries, those should be submitted in CCMS as a case enquiry or a general enquiry.

Case Enquiry Quick Guide
General Enquiry Quick Guide

I have an urgent CCMS query
Customer Service Team
0300 200 2020

Monday to Friday 9:00 to 17:00 (excluding bank holidays)

On the call you will need: 

Provider name
Case reference
Account number
Details of why the query is urgent
I have a remittance/PSOA query about my transactions
Payment Information


In your email please include: 

Provider name
Payment date and amount
Account number with the LAA
Description of the transactions being queried

I have feedback regarding training
Digital Assist Training and Support


Please include details of the feedback in your email
I have feedback regarding system enhancements
CCMS Service Delivery Team


Please include details of the feedback in your email
I would like to make a complaint
Customer Service Team

If you have a case specific complaint you can submit this via the Case Enquiry section and select the option 'Complaint' from the drop down menu on CCMS.

If you have a general complaint then you can submit the complaint via General Enquiry option from the CCMS home screen and select the option 'General Complaint'.

If you do not have access to CCMS then please submit your complaint via email to LAAComplaints@Justice.gov.uk

If you have technical issues and are unable to access CCMS then you may email your complaint to LAAComplaints@Justice.gov.uk

Via post in exceptional circumstances: 

Legal Aid Agency
Berkley Way
Viking Business Park
NE31 1SF