When will the contingency process apply?

When will the contingency process apply?

In the event of a widespread CCMS outage the LAA will make a decision on invoking contingency arrangements for users following an outage being confirmed by us. We aim to communicate contingency arrangements for urgent work after the first hour of a confirmed outage, and after 24 hours where resolution of the outage is not expected imminently. This communication will be sent directly to the principal contract holder of your firm.

Users experiencing intermittent issues are advised to contact us directly to discuss their issue. Appropriate contingency arrangements will be agreed based on the individual circumstances of a case.

Contingency arrangements for urgent applications

We will aim to write to your firm after the first hour of a confirmed outage to advise that:

•contingency arrangements will only be available where delegated functions cannot be used
•requests for paper contingency will be determined on a case by case basis
•urgency will be defined as those needing to materially progress their case in the next 48 hours
•we will not require a signature for fresh applications
•we will not require forms to be sent to the LAA within 5 days of devolved powers being used
•we will provide users with a contingency reference number with an approved request

Contingency arrangements after 24 hours of outage

If an outage continues for more than a 24 hour period and where we have taken the decision to invoke full contingency, we will write to your firm to confirm that:

•users will be advised to download the relevant application form from Gov.uk
•users should submit the application along with the relevant supporting documents and where possible a copy of the Legal Aid Certificate and e-mail all information to contact.civil@justice.gov.uk
•users must ensure the header and first line of the email says, ‘Contingency Application’ and provides the contingency reference number

The Contingency Guidance explains what documents need to be submitted and where they should be submitted to when you need to make a contingency submission.