Making an Initial Application

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Making an Initial Application

Module TitleQuick Guide Description
£25000 Cost Limit
This guide sets out the process for applying the agreed £25000 cost limitation to certain proceedings during the initial application.
Article 21 1980 Hague Convention Applications This guide sets out the application process for non-means / non-merits tested applications in relation to Article 21 of the Child Abduction and Custody Act 1985.
ASBCPA - Delegated Function Applications
This guide sets out the application process for Anti Social Behaviour Order applications when you have used delegated functions.
Child AbductionHow to create and submit a Child Abduction application in CCMS.
Copy Case Information for New Applications
How to copy information from an existing case into a new application and how to link cases together.
Emergencies and Delegated Functions
How to begin creating an Emergency application in CCMS.
Emergency Applications: Delegated Functions- Additional Proceedings
When making emergency applications in CCMS where further proceedings are going to be issued within 5 days of the initial use of delegated functions, follow this guide.
Emergency Applications Provider Urgent Work
This guide will help you decide which emergency process to use when you are submitting urgent emergency work, including when you cannot submit the application using delegated functions.
Emergency Non Delegated Functions Application
 How to begin creating an Emergency application in CCMS where delegated functions cannot be used.
Exceptional Case Funding Application
This guide will show you how to set up an Exceptional Case Funding application.
Exceptional Case Funding Merits Applications
How to carry out a merits assessment on an exceptional case funding application.  
Emergency Out of Hours Immigration Application Process
 This guide provides information regarding the emergency our of hours application process for Immigration applications.
How to create and submit a housing application in CCMS.

Housing Application- Forms of Service 

This guide provides information on which scope limitations correspond with the forms of civil legal service in housing applications.
Immigration - Upper Tribunal Proceedings
This guide provides information regarding how to complete the proceedings, means and merits sections of an application for Immigration-Asylum proceedings in the Upper Tribunal.
Invalid Characters
Sets out which characters are invalid when copying from Microsoft Word, which formatting is invalid, how to turn off "smart quotes", date and postcode formatting, and alternative ways to submit your statement of case.
Linking Cases
How to link new applications together and how to link existing cases and applications together.
Linking Family Cases
This quick guide will explain how to link family - lead and associated cases together.
Making a Legal Aid Application
How to complete the general set up sections of the application prior to completing the means and merits assessments.
Means Assessment: Entering Wage Slips
Guide explaining how to enter wage slip information and an explanation regarding CCMS's use of that information
Means Assessment Information 
How to access the means assessment and a look at the key questions you may be presented with. 
Means Assessment Top Tips
This contains tips designed to help you get your Means assessment right first time.
Means Passporting Applications 
This guide will show you how to begin a Means Assessment when a client is receiving a passporting benefit. 
Merits Assessment Information
How to access the merits assessment and a look at the key questions you may be presented with.
Promissory Declaration
Sets out the use of a promissory declaration where the client is unable to sign the declaration prior to submission of an emergency delegated functions application.
Resubmit a Rejected Application
Sometimes an application will be rejected. This guide shows how to find the rejection information, update your application and resubmit the application for assessment.
Search Client and Create Applicant (existing client)How to search to see if a client is registered on CCMS and if they are not how to register them.
Search Client and Create Applicant (new client)
How to search to see if a client is registered on CCMS and if they’re not how to register them.
Search Client and Create Applicant (previous client)How to search for a client and use their information already stored on CCMS. 
Separated Migrant Children: Transitional Guidance
This guide will help you with the transitional arrangements for submitting separated migrant children cases through CCMS. This guidance is only applicable until the necessary changes have been made to CCMS.
Single Stage Emergency Application
How to submit an emergency application and the substantive amendment at the same time.
Special Children Act
How to submit a special children act application and specific options that should be input.
Update and Submit Application
How to leave a part completed application and re-access it at a later date. How to check and then submit an application.