Provider Quick Guides

This section contains handy guides which you can reference as you use the system.

The guides are in PDF format and you can use the zoom function to enlarge the text on your screen.

Please note that some Internet browsers require you to download a Quick Guide in order to view it correctly.

If you receive the following message, 'This PDF document might not be displayed correctly' when accessing a Quick Guide, you will need to download it in order to view it correctly.

The Quick Guides have been broken down into the following areas:

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For Information

Experiencing difficulties with accessing the system?   See this Quick Guide for guidance on clearing your browser cache.

Internet Explorer browsers older than version 9 may not be compatible with the upgraded version of CCMS.  If you experience an issue with accessing the upgrades, you can resolve this by updating your browser. 

The training materials apply to both the original and upgraded versions of CCMS. However, some of the materials below have (upgraded) in the title; these materials are specifically for those using the upgraded version of CCMS.