Glossary of Terminology

LAA Online PortalThe website where you can log into CCMS and other LAA applications.
Contracted Work and Administration (CWA)
CWA is where you create and amend all users and contacts for all LAA applications including CCMS.
UserA person with a user account and password which allows them to log in to the LAA Online Portal.
CCMS UserA user who has been given CCMS roles, and can access CCMS.
Contact (when seen in CWA)A CWA contact who has been given a ‘Practitioner Type’. These contacts appear in Fee Earner/Supervisor drop downs on CCMS, and you can assign them to cases. This person does not need to be a CCMS User.
Fee Earner / SupervisorIf you choose to assign a Fee Earner to a case, their name will appear on the Public Funding Certificate.
Contact (in CCMS)The person that you assign to a CCMS case, who receives the actions and notifications for that case. You choose the contact via a drop down list, and they must be a CCMS User in order to appear on the list. (Note that the exception to this is billing, where the user who submits the bill receives the notifications about it).
RoleWhen applied to a user, roles define what you can and cannot do in CCMS or other LAA Online applications.
CCMS Firm AdministratorThe person in your organisation with this role can create and amend users and contacts in CWA. More than one person can hold this role.
Chambers UserA CCMS user who is registered to the chambers, not an individual advocate. Chambers users can work on behalf of multiple advocates via a single login.