Interactive Training Modules

These downloadable training sessions are based on our online training modules but are interactive. The training provides instructions and explanations in text but you get to control the training session.

The interactive modules download as PDF files. Once the PDF has downloaded, for the best experience, click view and full screen.

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Interactive Module
Introduction to CCMS
This Interactive Module will give you an introduction to CCMS. During the module you will learn key information about the Client and Cost Management System (CCMS) that will help you begin to use the system. You will learn how to create new clients and cases, access existing cases and applications, contact the LAA and how to manage incoming communication from the LAA.  Download
Checking Progress
This Interactive Module will show you how to check the progress of your applications, amendments and bills within CCMS. In normal circumstances you will no longer need to contact the LAA to check the progress of your submissions.
Introduction to CCMS for Crime Providers
Developed specifically for crime providers. This interactive module will provide an introduction to using CCMS. You will learn how to create new clients and cases, access existing cases and applications.
Special Children Act

In this Interactive Module you will learn how to setup an SCA application and register a client. You will also learn how to use the vulnerable client indicator and submit an application.

Linking Cases
In this Interactive Module you will learn how to link cases together and copy case information from one application into another. This scenario covers linking cases in a Special Children Act matter but the process remains the same regardless of the matter type or proceedings applied for.
Housing Applications

This Interactive Training Module will take you through the process of creating and submitting a housing application, focussing on adding proceedings and scope limitations. The module will also look at some of the housing questions asked during the Merits Assessment.

Immigration Applications

This Interactive Module will provide an introduction to Immigration applications in CCMS. The example case is a substantive application. If you need to make emergency Immigration applications start with this module then move to the emergencies module.

Emergency Applications

In CCMS there are a number of types of emergency application. This Interactive Module will explain the different types of emergency application and when to use them. The module will also cover the different types of scope limitations required for emergency applications and when to apply them.

Means and Merits Assessment

Means and Merits assessments in CCMS is carried out online via interviews. While there isn't a one size fits all means or merits assessment this interactive training module contains some of the more complex themes within these assessments. You will also look at a full means assessment. This covers the capital, income, and deductions sections of the means assessment.

You will learn the theory behind the interviews and how they replace the majority of means and merits paper applications.

Amending Cases and Clients
This Interactive Training Module will take you through how to create and submit several amendments through CCMS including how to add proceedings, increase the cost limit, how to amend the client’s details and how to initiate a means reassessment. Download
Assigning Counsel

In CCMS when you instruct Counsel to undertake work on a case, you now have to assign them to your cases through CCMS. This Interactive Module will show you how to assign Counsel on a case, allocate costs to counsel and make amendments during the lifespan of a case.

Submitting Outcomes and Discharging a Certificate

Recording proceeding outcomes is an important part of bringing a case to an end, especially concerning your final bill. In CCMS you need to record an outcome for each proceeding that's been publicly funded before a bill can be created and submitted for assessment.

During this Interactive Module you will learn how to access the area of CCMS where outcomes are recorded.You will record outcomes against individual proceedings. Finally you will request the discharge of a funding certificate when public funding is no longer needed.

Managing Actions and Notifications

This interactive training module will introduce you to Actions and Notifications in CCMS. You will learn how to access Actions and Notifications, how to respond to Actions and Notifications and how to search for old Actions and Notifications.

Provider Billing

During this Interactive Module you will be shown the Billing section of CCMS. You will learn how to submit a Payment on Account, a Court Assessed Bill, an LAA Assessed Bill, line by line billing when escaping the fixed fee and submitting a Nil Bill. The example cases used in the session are Family; however, the aim of the module is to show you how to use CCMS, not provide training in a particular category of law. 

Uploading Evidence
In this Interactive Module you will learn how to provide evidence in support of applications, amendments and bills in CCMS. You will learn how to use the new document upload upgrade to provide evidence before submitting a substantive application. You will also learn how to provide electronic and postal evidence when you receive a documents required action.
Counsel Overview

This Interactive Module gives Counsel and Chambers users an introduction and overview of CCMS. During the module you will be shown how to use the various access options, search for a case, submit a Payment on Account, send evidence and submit bills to the LAA.