CCMS Contingency Process

When will the contingency process apply?

Contingency processes are in place for applications and amendments and will always be available when there are system issues.  If you need to use the contingency process you will be advised of the route when you contact our Online Support Team. If you are advised to use the contingency process you will be given a contingency reference. Any ‘contingency’ submissions received without a contingency reference will be rejected.

If the contingency is in regards to an application or amendment and you have access to the case via CCMS, you will be sent a Document Request via CCMS. Once the request is received, please return with the Contingency Coversheet and the relevant application form.

When the system issue relates to a bill you will need to contact Online Support Team who will advise the next steps. 

The Contingency Guidance explains what documents need to be submitted and where they should be submitted to when you need to make a contingency submission.