Claim Upload

What is claim upload?

The claim upload function allows CCMS users to submit multiple claims directly from their case management system to CCMS.

This function could save you time and improve your cash-flow by:

·       reducing the need to enter duplicative claim information and

·       allowing users to submit multiple claims on one file, including for different offices and advocates.

Getting Started

Get in touch with your software vendor to ask them to upgrade your system to use claim upload. When you have been upgraded, download the guidance below.

1.     Claim Upload Quick Guide takes you step by step through the process

2.      Claim Upload - Solving Issues – will help you solve common problems

Who can use claim upload?

Claim upload is part of the billing roles within CCMS. As long as your case management system has been upgraded to produce claim upload files, you will be able to use this feature.

The LAA held a successful claim upload pilot with a group of four software vendors from October 2014, during which over 6,000 claims were submitted.

We are also currently offering a dedicated test system to help any interested vendors to develop a claim upload compatible product.

Software vendors who have tested their products with us:

·         Action Step

·         Advanced Legal (known as Advanced Computing Software or Iris)*

·         Bar Squared*

·         Costsmaster*

·         DPS

·         Eclipse

·         Leap

·         Lexis Nexis

      Peapod Legaloffice

·         Quill

·         Solicitors CMS

      Select Legal 

·         The Template Company

·         Tikit Tfb*

*Vendor was part of the Claim Upload Pilot

How do I get access to the test environment?

1) If you are developing a case management system you should complete our survey:

2) If not, please contact your software vendor to get an update on their progress with developing a system that is compatible with the CCMS claim upload function.

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