User Set Up

If you are the CCMS system administrator for your organisation, you need to:

  • decide who will use the system
  • allocate them roles
  • ensure they access our Training Resources

Chat is available for CCMS training support. The chat operative will not be able to respond to case specific queries, guidance queries or complaints. Please use the existing contact channels for this type of support.

The following table links you to key information on setting up on CCMS.  Just click on the relevant links.

What do you want to do?Providers Chambers Solicitor Advocates

Look at the CCMS roles available

Roles and Responsibilities

Roles and Responsibilities

Roles and Responsibilities

Create a new CCMS user / check if a user exists

Register a user and grant access to CCMS

Register a user for CCMS

Guide to Chambers and Counsel access

Register a user for CCMS

Give CCMS access to an existing user

Amending an existing user


Create a new Fee Earner or Supervisor

Creating a Fee Earner or Supervisor

Log in to CCMS or CWA

 Logging In